Back and Stronger

Well hello readers looks like I’m back in full effect. Looks can be deceiving and my long time followers know that I am quick to go on a hiatus for mental health reason or just simply the struggles of life. I always try to give some kind of heads up because over the years of running this blog I realized I have gathered a little following and readers have express how my blogs have helped them in some way or another. Believe me I have wanted to return for quite some time as I have been away for almost half a year. It just wasn’t in the cards and the last thing I want to do is return with a flop of a blog post.

Not sure if I went into detail about my addiction and the struggles I had getting out of active addiction. (Fried a bunch of brain cells, and I rarely reread my old writings) Here I am now, somewhere I didn’t think I would ever be. Clean , sober and on my way to being personally successful. I say personally because I believe success is in the eye of the beholder in most cases. I will not say my relapses and addiction were the sole cause of me not blogging. Cause God knows I faked the funk while actively using in just about ever aspect of my life. It was however a very big part of my ultimate spiral down into a hole I try everyday with every fiber of my being not to fall into again.

I can say today that I am stronger than I have been and I may be stronger than I have ever been because of all the things I have overcome in the last year/year and a half. So I’m assuming most of my readers would like to know what’s going on with me now ; goals, plans, hobbies etc. I don’t blame you. I’m on to some interesting things now that I have picked up the reigns of life and put my crown back on.

Stay tuned for week day blog posting. Thanks for listening.



Where Addiction Has Taken Me..

Some pretty seedy places I assure you..

We are only going to diverge into that heinous past for a moment readers; fear not this ain’t one of them kinda post.

So the main thing to take from this is “addiction” lead me to recovery. No matter how many brawls or restless endless nights it may have also taken me through.

Yet begins another chapter sponsored by my addiction. Recently I came at a crossroads and had to face the hard truth that my addiction had become unmanageable again. If anything it had regress to ALMOST the height of it all. Thankful for all the tools I picked up in IOP and various NA meetings I was able to see the too familiar path I was on and was humble enough I ask for help.

If I may speak to a fellow struggling addict in recovery; it does get better. In active addiction we give away so many things. Our respect,money, freedom and sometimes even our lives. The best part of recovery is it gets better every day from day one. Through the pain and the suffering the perseverance pays off. The abstinence is worth it. Just keep doing the next best thing. The next right thing. Addiction brings us all so low, in recovery there’s no place left to go but up.


Back in to a Fish Tank

Hey hey readers. If I’m going to blog I might as well make them interesting. You know I’m not THAT guy, so this might be as interesting as it gets.

I’ve shared about my plants and moving right along I think I’m just about ready to move on and try to keep a fish alive. If you didn’t know they have this saying about recovery and ultimately relationships while in early recovery I believe. Or just a good rule of thumb in general.

Get a plant. If in 4 weeks it’s still alive get a fish. If the fish is still alive in 2 months get a cat/dog. If everything is still alive and THRIVING including yourself in 6 months get a human.

Im pretty sure I’m paraphrasing but that’s the “it goes something like” version.

As I’ve learned about myself over the last 2/3 year impulsive, rash and not well thought plans never seem to go the right way for very long in my life. So lately I have been taking a much calmer gradual pace at life. And that has extended into my hobby of fish husbandry. Cause the old me would have a 4 fully stocked tanks by now.

I’ve played around with aquascaping before as I’ve brought up here on my blog. I never felt like it was a good effort because for the scape I wanted I lacked the one thing (minus CO2) it required, patience. Oddly enough I have the upmost patience when it comes to plants. Watering seemingly empty pots and containers for weeks until one magic day. The records shows that I fill a tank with some kind of stock within the first 30/60 days.

Well not this time. And yea before you ask it is killing me. Visit my Snapchat for daily updates of nothing visibly changing. Depending on how long you have been flowing my blog or how far back your read at least under the fish page you may be familiar with the “Zen Garden”. Don’t matter anyhow I’m about bring it up anyways.

So the Zen Garden went through a few changes in its early days mostly because it was my first live planted tank and also because I have a very indecisive personality. It’s final design was a shrimp and snail planted tank with a pair of 24k gold white cloud minnows. Ehhh. Ringing a bell now. Cause I’m jogging my own memory.

Happy and sad feelings. Great it was my first. Learned a lot. Unfortunate I no longer have that set up. Mainly happy thoughts because I’ve learned from my mistakes and the errors I made in the first go round like the “GASSING” RIP chocolate le sigh.

So this time around no stock (maybe snails or shrimp if NECESSARY cause algae or something) until it proves to be a WELL established planted tank. I have found plants that grows speedy even with out co2 and easy for beginners. So if you have planted tanks weather fully established or just started out please send in those pictures I would love to see them.

To help myself “keep calm” about the weight I tried something new or rather never properly done. Growing aquarium plants immersed and then switching them to their submersed state. Adds a new step and makes the wait time seem shorter giving there’s a halfway mark. Being the replanting and the submersing. It’s so like me but I have no idea what aquarium plants I am growing from seeds. If I have to guess one looks like some type of hair grass and the other some type of clover. So if you’ve purchase aquarium seeds and you might can help me classify the one I have I would greatly appreciate the help.

Of course I bought other stock from the store to give the aqua scape a deep dense look also because I can’t buy fish to put in yet. I kept the tags as well as took pictures so I’ll be able to properly identify those plants in the tank. Sorry to inform you readers I will not be disclosing that on my blog at this time. That is because I am also documenting the journey of this tank on video so make sure to check that out and see a clear view and some video comparison on my YouTube channel. PS: I’ve had fans say they have trouble finding it. If that’s you message me and I can send you the direct link.

Still playing the waiting game and honestly this tank has a ways to go and it won’t be until it’s finished when I release the information here on my blog. Don’t be like that. Normally the readers get everything first. But I’ll leave this wordy blog on another good suprise. I may not be able to buy stock for my….. tank(s) but I’m happy for other reasons. Quantity over quality. 1 is nice, 2 is better. …. Guessed it yet ??

Ok the secret is I’m currently working on more than one tank. The Zen Garden.5 is the slow to start tank. But the tank soon to be called “the Mississippi” is a fast set up for someone other than myself. Guess who gets the behind the scenes stuff first for that project. Yup. That right you guys all 1.5k of my subscribers.

Next in this series is going to be trips down memory lane, do and donts, lessons learned, opinions,facts and myths. Since ya know, we’ll be wait on the planted tank to decides to be established. Look forward to seeing you back here soon.


Green Thumbs Grow

Hiya readers and a special hello hey howdy to my fellow horticulturist this one’s for you kiddos.

Since I’ve been back I’ve been hush hush on what’s on my plant “shelf” this season. That’s not for any apparent reason other I just haven’t had time to share the news with you the readers.

Of course I’ve been in the suburban indoor pots this season and I have a tale per species but we’ll spread that out into a series type blog maybe. Quick list is bell peppers, basil, carrots, potatoes, onions, some aqua grass immersed, a mystery plant from last season and of course there’s the entire mini “shelf” of kitchen scrap regrows.

Unfortunately due to space I am unable to wholeheartedly participate in composting this year. Spoiler alert I am doing some more research on composting by way of vermiculture aka using earth worm to compost for you. I’ve dabbled in the idea before 90% on paper and only 5% execution. So much is to be done if this idea is to come to fruition.

Also new this season is I have decided to care for plants that do not produce yield ie fruits and veggies. Something I didn’t really think I could get into but if you water one pot you can water another. And flowers are nice to look at too. My first house plant was a fair trade for a small kalanchoe plant by a buddy of mine. Nothing is fancy about it eventually I’ll get it to flower I suppose. I’m keeping it alive.

I got a late start to the season and then with the relocations parameters have changed. My thumbs are still green and I’m still growing. I’m always up for new tips especially those that center around suburban gardening I’m always looking to push the envelope and get the floor a little dirty. Our little secret.

Spoiler alert; starting the series on the bell pepper since they were the first grow of the season so be on the look out for that. Thanks for stopping by and don’t be afraid to get your nails dirty.


Hello Kitty, Cat

Hello readers, welcome back to the all new and improved Iman King’s Blog. New look same great author, ME. My blog has been around for 5 years now and I felt it was over due for a change. My life has since been blessed with a complete over haul, demolition included; so my blog should reflect that as well.

Without further wait let’s get started on the first post from the new chapter. On August 12 @ 1pm I was blessed with a new furry roommate. Originally I called her my pet, I can see she is more like a friend or a roommate that doesn’t pay any bills.

Want to read about the first post about the new kitten ? Now that you are all caught up let’s talk about what’s going on now.

Kiara or Kiara Imani is now and Instagram model, ok maybe not a model. But she’ll soon pick up quite a following I’m sure since I run her social platform. It’s not cute cat pictures and funny memes all the time; it’s also informative and educational. Fun facts, myth busting and helpful tips to cat owners. The best part will be getting to interact with all the followers. As well as shout outs, promos, games and contest. If you know me personally then you know I’m all about giving back.

These are on few tips that you most likely will see at a later date on @ Kiara_the_tabby Instagram page.

Let’s start with the basics. First time pet owner that’s considering bringing a cat into your home as a pet or companion. The basic necessity of Amy new cat or kitten is: food and water bowl, kitty litter, little box and of course toys. A bored feline is a destructive feline.

If you can afford those things plus occasionally vet visits congratulations, you can afford a feline companion. The more important question is are you really ready for a cat in your home. Adopt or shop? Kitten or cat? Purebred or Rescue? All of these things are good questions but are you really ready for any cat. Yes, some breeds of cats are either more docile, energetic, playful or standoffish than others. Let me tell you from experience: any cat especially a kitten is going to need a lot of attention from you. Even though I have one job working from home she never seems to get enough of me.

You’ve made the decision to adopt a cat. Now to cat “proof” your house. This means moving any hanging strings especially yarn like or fragile things from the ends of shelves or counters, and if possible block any small crawl spaces or nooks or crannies your potential kitty could get stuck in. Curiosity can definitely kill a cat and satisfaction won’t always bring it back. Purrfect example, for some.strange reason Kiara has developed a very unhealthy taste for styrofoam and even better, washes it down with the run off water from my plants.

I can tell you this, if you are one of those people that have to wake up very early in the morning, consider yourself a light sleep or like to sleep in the nude, a cat might not be for you. Felines, housecats included, are nocturnal. Most housecats seem to get the zooms after the sun sets. Kitten especially. Around 9pm or 10pm every night my fluffy, bipolar, ADD roommate think it’s the best time to play with not only her toys but everything in sight, normally including majority of things she is not supposed to play with; including my limbs. However if you are usually up late or a heavy sleeper or generally enjoy the angst of am overly excited animal at random times, a cat might be perfect for you.

Compared to their canine counter parts having a cat is usually the easier pet to own. They don’t require daily walks, they are very hygienic animals and are litter trained very easily by comparison. They are or can be slightly harder on one’s allergies . Cat feces contain certain bacteria that is very harmful to pregnant people and newborns as well as the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis. The disease itself is physically harmless to humans but mentally it cause some what of an undying, unconditional and unwaivering love of our feline friends. When mice, rats or other certain rodents contract this disease it appears to make them quite unafraid and fearless of cats and in some instances seeking out cats making them much easier prey. Most humans that have a housefull of cats may suffer from toxoplasmosis and don’t even realize they are under cat mind control.

The cat or Felis Catus is the only domesticated species in the Felidae family and is normally simply known as the domesticated cat. There are house cats, farm cants and feral cats. A house cat would be the type of cat you would adopt from a friend or rescue from shelter. A feral cat will always avoid human contact and most likely was raised outdoors by another feral cat. Farm or barn yard cats are somewhere in-between living mostly outdoors but often seeking shelter in places that can be frequented by humans.

There are about 60 different breeds of cats in total. Cats were first document to domesticated in western Asia 7500BC. Even though the thought of cat domesticated was originally initiated in ancient Egypt in 3100BC. As of 2021 there are and estimated 220 million domesticated cats as pets in the world and double that amount for feral stray cats. Back in 2017 cats were the second most popular pet in the US with over 95 million cats owned.

If you want my personal opinion I don’t think cats are really domesticated. I think rather they just deal with us cause they know they can depend on us for food and shelter. They are still fully aware that they can do just fine without us.

In closing, a feline is a great pet to have. Easier than a pet dog in its own way and a lot more self sufficient. Sure they can be known to produce more pet dander and be relatively more moody that a canine they can easily be the perfect companion for some. This is only the beginning for the story of @ Kiara_the_tabby.

Hope you all enjoyed the new and improved blog with insightful and longer type posts. I enjoyed the randomness more than anyone, but sometimes you just wants a nice well written, wholesome spell checked blog. Just like before , thanks for dropping by, till next time.


-images are coming soon-

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Just kidding everybody , happy hump day

So short and sweet and to the point. As the title reads I am doing some configuration and some load of some new schedules. And yes I know I have said before there so be some since of importance in setting aside an hour in the mornings to do my weekday daily blogs. This is still true. Over here we are going through some changes. Not just changes but upgrades.

Longer blogs, more researched topics, pictures, links and more open ended’s for my avid readers. So there is a lot of updates to be done here and I do have some spoilers for those of you that just can’t wait.

Spoiler Alert: starting vlogs, blog construction, podcast creation and my return to Twitter, resurrection on Instagram a total over haul and a complete reconstruction. Trust me everyone is going to like one thing with the new remodel.

Nothing is perfect, so that means there must be some kind of let down type of news. There’s going to be a brief hiatus from now until mid October. Consider it a fall break ready to prepare for all of the holidays and a final shit of a constipated year.

But good news sandwich; more good news on the bottom bun. For my wordpress followers, especially those that don’t follow me on any other platforms. WordPress has got with the time and also have a story feature that I’m going to keeping up with in my spare time. Maybe do some BTS stuff because my readers have been with me the longest and from the very beginning.

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and are ready to get back to your normal routine smoothly.

I’ll see yall around.


Tomato No More

Good morning everyone, happy Monday. Despite the title and the lost of my good ol boy Charlie. It is a beautiful Monday morning. I stayed productive and extremely positive for this weekend. Still I have to pay for my stagnation for past procrastinating. Unfortunately my plants were caught in the cross fire.

Charlie was water logged over the weekend of hurricane Ida when we got a few days of rain in a row. I was m.i.a. so I wasn’t there to help save him. It tipped over into the carefully place compost bin and by the time I had returned it had black spots on over 85% of the plant. It was no longer bright or dark rich green it was a brown or tan looking color with wilted and brittle leaves. I tried to brace him and right the plant upward. But to no avail his condition worsened.

Ironically enough over that same time frame when Charlie was outside dying Emily was inside thriving. It seemed to have had a growth spurt of at least an inch maybe 2 or even more. I’m not sure what this was in response to. It was only receiving regular type watering. It seemed like plus until I tried to move it and it slumped over like dead weight. It buckled under its on height but luckily nothing snapped or broke and it just kind of bobbed.

With Charlie on the decline and Emily reaching almost 3 feet tall I decided to go out on a limb and move Emily outside next to her dying sibling. I propped her up and hoped for the best. Early this morning she even got some natural rain. I doubt she’ll flower but I still want to give her a good life for the number of days she has left. So far so good. I’m going away for a few days so I’ll check on her around Wednesday or Thursday afternoon. Fingers crossed but I can’t baby her that’s where I went wrong with the both of them. Plants are a lot more capable of surviving outdoors then I gone them credit for.

I hope everyone enjoys the holidays. Happy labor day and happy Rosh Hashanah. I’ll see you all back here tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for stopping by and remember “In order for something new and improved to happen, there must be some sort of demolition.