A few days shy of my 9th month of my hair journey!!


A little bit has changed; I already had my first set of thotty boy braids 😂 and I went a few tones lighter on my tips. Sad attempt at the OB jr I suppose.

Actually same old , same.

Now more than ever I’m thinking of the big chop and trying something different, but I think I can survive another month 😐

Looking at old/recent pictures my hair has come a long way since January. My hair grows faster in warm and summer months.

I know I say this every updated but it especially looks strange to me when it’s just like all over. Don’t get me wrong I love my crown and the way it defys gravity. I’m kinda a hat person tho 😂 so you can imagine my struggle.

Also had my first “blow out” before my last set of thotty boy braids. I am strongly against putting heat on my crown on a regular basis, but it did help with the braiding.

Thank Jah I ain’t tender headed. 👍

For now, I seem to have a constant hair stylist so hopefully having the same set of hands in my hair will aid the journey. Still looking for a skilled barber, but one thing at a time.

As I always say …. I can’t wait to chop again 😂

Until next time