Dear 2017,


I know we don’t know each other. We actually just met. But I trust you. I have faith in you. Together we can make this year great. I believe that you will help me to become the man I always wanted to be. A person that the world will be grateful to have. The years before you took so much from me, yet taught me so much. But I know you will bring me so much and so much more. You will allow me to grow at my on pace and let me write my own chapters to our story. Teach me. Guide me. Mold me. 2017, I want you; no I need you, to make me better. I know I am a broken man asking for a hell of alot but I know together we can fix me. Just give me a chance.

Sincerely Yours,
Kristian Iman King


Here we go with this, “new year, new me” bullshit


Except this time I think this could really be a new me this year. Finally learned to put my pride aside and do whats best for me. So one of the slogans for this year is “fuxkyofeels” seems a little harsh but for the last 4 years its been fuxk Kris’ feelings , so I think a switch up is over due. Now dont get me wrong I’m still a sweet taddy bear with a big gold heart but I’m not staying in situations that make me feel uncomfortable. One wrong move and your out. That 3 strike shit is a thing of the past. 2016. This year everyone gets one chance & one chance only. I refuse to bite my tongue, adapt or change for anyone. It was 22 long miserable years that I was uncomfortable with who I was & who I choose to identify as. Now that I’m just about completely (minus a few flaws) comfortable with myself & who I am, I am no longer making it my mission to make other around me comfortable. So with that being said let me give you a quick run down of deal breakers.

-Im an introvert.
Constant useless nonsense chatter grinds my gears. If all you can bring to the conversation is latest trends, useless fad and negativity; stay away that shit is annoying, toxic& just tew much for my mind space.

-I loveeeee animals.
Yup all shapes sizes and breeds. #allspeciesmatter. So if your the type to constantly pig out on animals productions wear fur or watching animal planet for hours bore you, sorry we wont have much in common. I have a hobby of collective exotic pets so if rats, snakes, spiders etc give you the hebbie gebbies you wont be spending much time at my habitat.

-Im a Virgo. Cut and dry.
If you dont know much about September virgos I suggest you do so research. We are literal & anal beings. I hate using or expression my emotions and despise people that cant keep their feelings in check. So as long as your not overly dramatic, can give me my space when I need it & understand that talking, expressing or even thinking about my emotions makes everything awkward and stressful for me then we should be good.

-I hate people.
And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Ironically enough I tend to attract people & come of a bit of a people person that gets along with most. But I have a very small circle of people I consider friends. So; no, i dont want to meet your I dont want to go to a rad party or a jumping new club. Take me to a museum, a quite walk in a park or just leave my ass inside.

-I love country music.
Yes. Yes I do. I was raised on country music from the 80s & 90s and r&b and soul music from the 50s & 60s. So if country music puts a bad taste in your ear I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself & call an uber.

-I love the outdoors.
Minus people of course. I do love being inside immersed in a new video game or an interesting documentary but I just as easy get cabin fever sometimes. So I do enjoy a outdoor festival or activity once in a while. Dont over do it of course. But if all you want to do is stay inside and stare at a screen you will become surprisingly aware that I can get bored extremely quickly.

-I have a temper.
Wow? Really? Yes I do. Lucky enough for most they usually dont get to see it. But say you catch me at a bad time; keep dying on the exact same spot on a game for hours, encountering a bully, seeing any kind of abuse or just somedays when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Good news is Im not violent or physically abusive when losing my temper.

-Diagnosed bipolar at an early age.
Chea. A real young age. 8. I try to deny it. Say I have it under control (like most who are bipolar) but yeaaaa,… I dont. But each day gets better I supposed. So with that being established on occasions I go through hyper mania moods were I’m extra hyper and happy with life for no reason & I also go though bouts of sever depression followed my uncontrollable fits of tears & just being upset with the world.

Alot to deal with, I know.
But wait… Theres more

– I suffer from ADHD.
Most people think its a made up disorder. Some parents(like mine) want to dope their kids up with OTC drugs to get them to sit still. But now as an adult who suffers with attention deficit hyperactive disorder I see that maybe the Dr’s werent so far of all those years ago. In laymans terms however all that means is my ass cant always pay attention for long periods of time. I may be looking straight at you, but I promise you I didnt hear anything you said. Also I tend to get hyper & goofy (at the worst possible times) if I’ve had to stay quiet and subtle for to long.

-Im random & sporadic.
All. The. Damn. Time. Legit its hard as hell for me to make my mind up most of the time and normally when I’ve made up my mind it usually changes within the next minute or two. This applies to just about every aspect of my life. So most of the time I go with the flow.

-Attention whore.
I need attention, I wouldnt say I need alot of attention cause sometimes people creep me out but if I feel like your attention is divided.. Well lets just say, you would have been better off ignoring me. So if u take hours & days to respond dont be shocked when I cut you off.

-Im sexually fluid. (*pansexual)
I enjoy femininity & masculinity. So no im not gay but i wouldnt exactly fit in the hetrosexual category either. So if your one of those people thats all hopped on the gender binary, toxic masculinity views & ideas etc. Pleaseeeee stay far away from me. Keep your labels to yourself and your cans.

And the most important deal breaker of them all….

SERIOUSLY. If you cant understand that there is really nothing else to discuss. Sometimes Im going to leave a party early. Sometimes I am going to sit off to the side at a group setting. Sometimes I’m going to want the house to myself. Sometimes I’m not gonna want you in my personal bubble. Nothing is wrong… OH. MY. GODDDD. NOTHING IS WRONG! I just really enjoy myself more than anyone else on this dying planet.
Well shit got real personal.
Ha ha. Figured most have been around have long enough to learn a little about the man behind the keyboard & give the new comers fair warning about exactly whose blog they stumbled on.

Glad to have yall with me as we go into another year & I hope 2017 is everything you are hoping it will be.
Peace ✌ & blessings ❤

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