Dear America,

So check this out…. The “media “is trying to entice a “race war”right.. But ik yall smarter than that right? Right. You can clearly see that media is using these attacks and brutality from cop towards civilans to make it a “black lives matter” situation; when it is clearly a government problem. Being a cop isn’t a race. Its a job. But just like a race you cannot fault the whole for some of its parts. The law & law enforcement is a system, controlled ultimately by the goverment. A cop attacking, or killing a civilian is an injustice. No matter what race the cop or victim is. Law enforcement is not above the law. Cops that commit these unjust crimes should be punished. Not paid administrative but leave actual consquences. Paid leave is not a jail sentence it is a vacation; a reward. A cop; someone who is supposed to serve and protect the people have commit a murder and the family wants justice. The people want justice. Unfortunately we seem to have lost the sight of what we want. Like savages we want bloodshed, revenge. Which will not end in our favor. Again cops are law enforcers. Their job is to enforce the government’s laws. In the same hand it is the government’s responsibility to make sure that those that enforce those laws should also abide by the same laws. Herein lies the actual problem. Our government is not doing their job. Revolting against this system would still be a fail. Even if we win the war and government falls we technically still lose. What would the good ol USA be without is democracy, its goverment? A wiser solution would be to come together as people. Continue to call cops out on their unnecessary acts of brutality and murder. Have integrity, speak up. For everyone, not just your friends or family or those of similar race. This is not a war between races. Black vs white. White vs hispanic etc. This is a constant war with those who are supposed to serve and protect against the same individuals they are supposed to protect and serve. If you are going to come together and protest or boycott I emplore you do it peacefully. Rioting & revolting against police or “law enforcement” if on a great enough scale will cause the government to call martial law in hopes of trying to maintain structure and heal a crumbling government and failing society. The jist of martial law is the government completely ignore laws already established; by the people for the people, so to speak. Since all that would be brought apon from local and state law enforcement failing the government will bring in the military to enforce these new martial laws. Which can include curfews, relocation, bank holidays and a long list of unpleasant laws basically robbing all humans of what little rights we still have left. We all want the world to end in a zombie apocalypse not this corrupt government shit right? Right. So dont buy into the bullshit. Keep the peace. ✌

-Kristian Iman King






Ok maybe I’m overreacting. But just a tad.

Peace and blessings everybody. Welcome back to my readers, you’ve been here from quite sometime if you have been here from the start. Thank you.
And to my new readers welcome just the same and thank you for reading my blog.

I suppose today would be some what of a personal update from my last blog talking about hygiene.

I believe I’m some where in between 3 and 4 weeks into therapy. Man has the last week been a brutal heat wave.
I’ve seem to have had a major increase in body temperature lately. I know the heat outside has risen lately due to the fact that its a typical hot new orleans summer. I work in air condition, the normal temp in my house could most likely accommodate an artic penguin but i still seem to have these “hot flashes” early in the morning & now I sweat in my sleep.
Im not sure if its due to the therapy or maybe I’m getting sick. Ill make sure to bring that up to my dr at my next appointment this week.
Its not that much of a nuisance, but with it already being an average 90° a day weather it is quite annoying when I’m the only one burning up indoors.
To combat the unusual hot body temps I’ve changed to wearing only a tank when I’m out but not at work and usually going shirtless when I’m home. However I know that may not be possible for guys with bigger pecs. Or for the guys that layer or bind on a regular basis.
I suggest if going tank only or shirtless wont work for you try breathable clothing and bright colors.

I say this often but powder is really a guy’s best friend!


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So fresh & so clean, clean.

Ello gov’ner,

Welcome back peeps today I’m going to talk about hygiene. Woah, seriously?

Yes seriously; as a transmale going through puberty(again for some) can be a tough & confusing time.  Weird smells, odd hair, sweaty oily skin all this shit can get happen crazy fast. Especially if you’re going through therapy.

Lucky for me I already had a natural musk that over the years I learned what worked for me. And I was hairy as a pubescent tween, runs in the family. But even I wasnt prepared for the chest and back hair. The increased natural body temperature. And basically “hulked-out” all my favorite t shirts.

I also picked up a few tips along the way and maybe they will work for you.

Body hair.
As you transition depending on your genetics and therapy you will experience increase hair growth on varies areas of your body. Since this is a hygienic blog I’m not going to dig deep into stuff like leg, arm, back hair etc.
Starting with arm pit hair. First and most important rule. If you can smell your self so can others! If you haven’t already switched deodorants you probably should. Men deo like axe, old spice, and riteguard are made for men. For the extra sweating and more odor we sometimes produce then our female counter parts.

Hopefully this doesn’t trigger anyone..

Pubic hair… Some dudes, actually alot of men manscape. But if you dont there’s nothing wrong with a trim now and again. If you’re one of those fellas that prefer the buckwheat style; powder can be your bestfriend (especially if you pack) and I would suggest to stay away from tight fitting briefs & speedos. Let your bush breath. Ha ha. Nobody likes the smell of sweaty ball sack 😝.

Some men are still trapped in the past. There is nothing wrong with a man who takes care of his feet. It does not make him any less masculine. Smelly feet do not make you a man. They make you a caveman. 😂
If you have extra sweaty or “wet” toes it helps to dry in between each toe individual, dust them with a little foot powder and make sure to give them a minute when you get out the shower to really “dry” out.

Face and acne.
Personally I wasnt assaulted with acne the first time I went thru puberty. The second time was slightly different but I was able to fight it off with proactive preventative tricks of the trade.
Rinsing off cold water after a bath or shower, closes pores & also tightens skin.
Washing my face every morning with an only face towel and throughly rinsing. Apply aftershave after each shave. Most importantly keeping my hands and fingers out of my face.

In conclusion there is nothing wrong with a man with excellent hygiene. Which can prove difficult while going through puberty but if you listen to your body and try a few trials and errors you could easily become the best smelling guy on the block. 😃

If you have any questions about penis hygiene especially after growth feel free to email me.

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