Why do I eat so dirty

I know, I know. And I know I know better, I said I would try to do better so why am I still eating so dirty.

In all honesty it’s not as bad as it could be. Yes, I slipped up here and there. Subway. Burger King. Oh, I finally tried that Popeye’s Chicken sand which. It was definitely worth it. With it still being fresh in the new year I am trying a little hard. I choose chicken over red meat. Fish over chicken. Juice over cold drinks. Not exactly where I want to be but better than where I was when I started.

I’ve find my new favorite clean food as a quick meal or just to wart off bad cravings is those little tuna ready to eat packages from Starkist. (they make chicken now too). Over the first weekend of the year & up to midweek I did kind of indulge quite a bit on Wawa hoagies I tried my best to make them sensible decisions like usually tuna or light mayo. Not to make excuses for myself but of course this weekend was the move and the company I work for hit the ground running after the holiday break so I had to juggle that as well. Its always easy to go to Wawa for lunch break.

Fortunately I was able to make groceries before the weekend and took a day off from the office so now I do have a few healthier options in my fridge now. Apples, tomatoes, bananas, wheat bread, peanut butter, tuna fish etc. I also am making a bigger effort in the amount and how often I am eating because that is important especially for individuals with a higher metabolism.

I believe if I have more healthier options and implore my self to try harder at eating cleaner I can make this goal a reality

I know this blog was short. But come on its the weekend right. Ha. I’ll be here Monday morning with a better read, pinkie swear.

Gender Cat Customer Review 2019

Hello readers, here we are again with another great review from an awesome company I have been getting products from for quite some time. Gender Cat aka better products aka gendermender. I have acquired several different products over the years from GC but today I am doing a updated review of my favorite from the company. My personalize 4″ soft prosthetic with amaze ball add-on & for the sake of relativity I will be including my updated review for the adhesive sheets and 2 part adhesive.

As a refresher, here are some of my older reviews on some of the gendercat products I own:

Didn’t realize I did so many reviews on the company. Ha ha. With the new year I can only imagine what great things will come from the gender cat studios, so before I go buying a shit load of new gear from them I  figure why not not do a recap of my favorite product and really focus on the dependability.

So 2 years ago my favorite product was probably the fascination sleeve stand alone, for obvious reasons at that point in my life; rotflmao. Also now I have had ample time to find what works for me and what I am most comfortable with. What is natural for me.

Soooo, my favorite prosthetic from gender cat is one of the soft models. I did at one point own and was pretty favorable of the super soft models but as I digress it just wasn’t doing it for me. No particular reason… it was just personally too soft. As for size because we all know, its the size that really matters. I originally had 6″ but come on, I’m a small man and I’m more of a growing not a shower. Needless to say it was a lot to deal with and it felt the most unnatural.

Now I prefer 4″ because of the feel and the weight. Still under the soft models of course. My favorite size is definitely 4″ however I personally enjoy the amaze balls ad on because the previous 4″ I had with the standard  seemed to shift to much because the lack of mobility. Just my take on it of course.

At first I was totally against intact or uncut because of the look at what I have experienced in my own life but again as I matured so did my way of thinking. Naturally most guys have some type of excess skin and I felt that I wanted the same. I guess you could say the look kinda grew on me. I wouldn’t go as far as saying intact is my  favorite style but for now it is my go to. I am eager to see how a cut model would look now that the 4RLZ is available but I am a little disappointed that it does not appear to be compatible with the amazeball feature. (or at least not yet)

To self adhesive or not self adhesive …. now that is the real question. I know a few guys that have had some trouble with the self adhesive sheets, I was one of them for quite some time. It does take some practice and its not really a quick process replacing an old sheet but I can testify that they do WORK. Now that I am more familiar; heck its basically muscle memory now, I can say I do not  have a preference.

I have used the sheets as well as the 2 part adhesive on nearly all of my products. At first I did have problems with the sheets during sex due to the moisture and body secretions so after about one round it was “back to the drawing board”. Leave it to the awesome Gender Cat team to make an awesome product even more awesome-er. With the newer sheets that came out maybe earlier this year, that problem is a thing of the past! I am getting 3 to 4 uses out of a sheet before the adhesiveness starts to show any sign of slacking.

Don’t get me wrong I still use the 2 part adhesive mix but for the sake of time which is most of my time I do just go for a sheet. That sounds like a preference though right? eh. Not really, because my personal choice really could sway either or. I love both methods of attachment my choice depends solely on the amount time I have or how quick I’m moving.

So where are we at with it today?..

It definitely stands the test of time. Going on 3 years and I am still thrilled with my product. The color didn’t fade or blend and nothing warped or torn. I seen it being something that is going to hold its usage for at the very least another 2 years before I would even have to consider buying another produce because the current one got “too old”. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait that long for gendercat to come up with yet another amazing product that will keep us coming back for more.

promo code : #IAMIMAN at Gender Cat’s website for my personal discount code.


Remember The Emmys

I attempted to be proactive with this blog since I almost missed the deadline yesterday. My goal is to post my daily blog before noon. I picked up a magazine and read up on somethings I assume Cosmopolitan feels article worthy. Unfortunately it was an issue from October, so most of the gossip is most likely stuff you already read about.

.. in less words I work in a cubicle and this entry was handwritten at work

I did read a lot of the emmys news, which is way out of my comfort zone so bare with me. The thing that first caught my eye was a picture of J-Lo wearing a remake of the famous green Versace “jungle dress” that she wore almost 2 decades ago. And I must say she doesn’t look like she aged at all.

In TV news we said goodbye to the Game of Thrones after 8  seasons, the GOT cast took home 12 emmys and I STILL have not seen 1 episode. I am the 1% 😛 . Pose’s star Billy Porter (PrayTell) is the 1st gay black man to win an Emmy (Outstanding lead actor).

In fashion for the Emmy’s the trend was Red & Pink and in my opinion was worn beautifully by 2 of my favorite actresses: Regina King (in Jason Wu) & Taraji P. Henson (in Vera Wang). I don’t know if that was “IN” fashion but those ladies definitely looked amazing.

In news for 2019 that I will not be letting go ..

Brock Turner. I know we are all familiar with the college freshman that only got a 6 month sentence after being convicted of rape and sexual assault. I recently read an excerpt from “Emily Doe” who has now come out to the public with her identity. Channel Miller. Brock Turner served only 3 months of a 6 month sentence for charges that held a sentences upward of 14 years in prison all because he was a “good athlete”. Come on Amerikkka we have to do better.

In other whyte privilege news, the big college admission / SAT score scandal! Celebrities Felicity Huffman & Lori Loughlin are just 2 of the many teacher, coaches, parents etc involved in the scandal. Huffman plead guilty and was sentenced to 2 week in prison and fines that won’t even make a noticeable wave in her bank account and a few hours of community service. Loughlin pleaded not guilty and will be heading to trial facing 20 years in prison, lets see how that turns out.

The accused defense in the tabloids are “a big happy family” and “the children didn’t know” blah blah cry me a river. These celebrities kids already have a leg up being that their parents can afford the most expensive schools now used their money to having a more unfair advantage by basically paying people to edit their kids test scores. “The children are our future”. I say give them the maximum sentence as well as a full investigation on all school involved, they’ve been doing they just got caught.

Speaking of Whitney Houston, apparently she is going on tour in 2020. Of course the late great Ms. Houston will be a hologram of course, with virtual background dancer. I haven’t looked future into the matter but I’m sure we will hear about it in the near future.

Lastly some news at random that I found interesting or at the least a “oh..hmm” article. Kodi Lee the young autistic viral video sensation contestant on America’s Got Talent. Well if you’re like me and don’t watch the show you have no idea what happened. Spoiler he won AGT and the 1 million dollar prize. Congrats.

OTNB star “crazy eyes” (Abubakara Galadima) recently visited her parents in Nigeria and spoke out about the scarcity of clean water. Shame there’s place in the world that don’t have access to running water. We haven’t forgotten about Flint, Michigan. Shouts outs to Jayden Smith for helping both of those places in the world having more access to fresh/drinking water.

If you’re like me and you enjoy the comedy of Bob’s Burgers you’ll be happy to hear they have an official  cook book full of the wacky names and delicious burgers.

Next time I’m back home I will make sure to visit Channing Tatum’s Bourbon St. bar “Saints & Sinners”.


Same time tomorrow.







Easier than expected

I honestly thought that it was over. Maybe it just wasn’t meant for me to be a “waver”.

But around a month in and things are looking wavey 🌊.

At first the top part of my hair was determined to stay in the pattern of my hehive 360 waves. But nearing the beginning of month 2 the top part and my top crown seems to be cooperating. Also found a comfortable angle to meet my waves halfway in that area. Basically brushing horizontal straight across with a clockwise hook angle at top left. The exact opposite of the angle for my back and bottom crown. Hooking close to the crown and crown left while horizontal straight angles across on the back.

Of course my problems areas are my top right and left and my crown right. Most likely due to my novice brushing skills trying to hook my crown right to the back of my crown. Suprisingly, my crown left and top left basic pattern is forming smoothly even tho that’s a thinner area. Once I found my brushing angles with both hands the gains were consistent. Horizontal brushing seemed to work the best.

Working on finding a good brand to affiliate with for brushes and caps. So far monsoon caps have your waves wet. 💯 Torino Pro brushes are def a go to if your still building angles or retraining your pattern.

I’ve also dabbled in a few new methods wash and style seems to put the want of my waves to curl up to good use.
This is a brand new journey y’all, so bare with me. 

Stay wavy.

Life is AMAZEBALLS ! **NEW PRODUCTS @ GenderCat™

Or at least products over at GenderCat™ are !! And NOW even BETTER than before !!!

To bring you up to speed ;my first soft intact packer with amazeballs….. Is no more. Long story increasingly shorter, I received my new “and improved” 4inch soft intact packer with amazeballs!

I can feel that material in the sack is stronger and way less likely to tear or bust. Still with awesome floating 3D testicles. It’s been a few weeks but I am already confident and me and my new packer are already inseparable. 

But wait ….. THERE’S MORE !!!!

You can now purchase the awesome body and prosthetics safe soap that is used so GenderCat™ headquarters.

Also prosthetics with the fascination sleeve add on now come with a nifty sleeve insert so you can now adjust the depth of your fascination sleeve or opt out of engaging the sleeve altogether at your leisure.

Once again they are improving the trademark self adhesive sheets we have all grown to adore. Now made with stronger adhesive and easy peel backing. 

“Every time with this company. It’s a swing away and a home-run. I only wish I knew about it sooner”

GenderCat website is now more user friendly head on over and check them out.

The GenderExtender by GenderCat™

Yup still new amazing products from GenderCat.

Another one of their new releases this year was the GenderExtender. Similar to the fascination sleeve but more “Gender Affirming”

As you may remember I was fascinated; as stated in my YouTube video on the Fascination Sleeve when it made it’s debut a few months ago. Great for a little selflove and a extra perk in the growth department.

Well it’s gotten a major upgrade since !!!

The new GenderExtender has all the same great features as the fascination sleeve with the added bonus that can be a sight for sore eyes, especially for those that experience “bottom dysphoria”. 

When I first got my GenderExtender I was super excited to try it out. Hence where I learned a important fact about the new product. Because of it’s shape & size even though it’s not that different than the fascination sleeve it did make somewhat of a difference when actually engaged.

“It’s awesome that it’s shaped anytomical… Better, view you know. But definitely a plus if your a pumper.”

I am a comfortable ¾” user for the fascination sleeve insert and stand alone but with the GenderExtender’s sightly different design “hanging” wasn’t achieveable. Not a big deal. Switched over to the ½” and was able to let everything hang out.

Still, it did everything it was supposed to and the different shape provided other ways of use rather than the cylinder shape of it’s first generation counter part.

I give it 5 stars and two thumbs up!!

Get yours at GenderCat

And don’t forget to use my promo code #IAmIman


At 6 am….

In my bed…

Thank goodness this happened inside and not at my job or on public transportation 🙄

It held up for quite a while considering that it was one of the first beta products. GenderCat is improving their products everyday and now AMAZING BALLS are made with stronger silicone with the same great 3D floating testicles.

Even with the tester product I held up substantially well considering that it was my go-to , everyday packer.

I can’t wait for my new Amazeballs packer !!!

I’ll be sure to do another review once I get it 😊

Order yours today at GenderCat.com

An official Affiliate !!!

Of Solidarity Soap Change Project 💯😎📢

If you’ve read some of my prior blogs you may have stumbled on a review I did on the awesome transpride candle I purchased from them. I was so excited that someone was not only making products that cater to the trans community but also actively gives back by donating a percentage of certain sales to pointofpride.

So of course what does Iman do…..

“Oo , oo ; I can help! I want to help! This is awesome! What you’re doing is awesome! I want to help!”

And sooner rather than later I was receiving an email stating that I had been accepted into the affiliate program 🙌🏾. At first I was nervous because even though I am pretty active in the community with things such as this; but being “Official” was somewhat unnerving. Again Mr Steven was great and answered all my questions and concerned. Success! 

What better way to kick off the new year than an awesome giveaway with some amazing products! As per usual Iman is still tardy to the party… But not by as much as I normally am 😉✌️ #improvement 

Time frame to enter is today(started @9am , sorry) until Friday 1/12/2018 @9pm. Rules for entree are simple and you can find them on most of my social platforms, i.e. Instagram, Facebook etc. Or you can watch me mix up my words in this unedited YouTube video here:

 Or click some of these links to learn more 😊


420 experiment; Stems.

The age old question, is there enough THC in stems to get you high????

I was forced to find the answer to this question 🙄

In between careers, low on cash lead to the event we are about to discuss. It was going on close to a week since I had a proper dose of THC. Stress levels were increasingly high and I had become desperate. Google assistant of course found some nice articles about cannis plants and the how much THC is in every part of the plant.

 So I had the GREEN light 

 Actually I didn’t really read the article top to bottom, I got my answer and I proceeded. Missed the minor note that it may cause headaches; on top of several other reasons I would have probably got a headache today anyways. Ohhhhh man was is bad I had to wrap some ice in a towel and put it in the base of my neck to fall asleep. Before that pain was so excruciating I could barely see street. 

The buzz wasn’t even worth. But there indeed was a 30-50mins period where I was back to my normal relaxed self. And the headache didn’t get bad till almost 8hrs later & it didn’t turn into migraine until 12hrs after the first rip.

It’s mostly likely nearly impossible to simply roll a spliff full of sticks and stems and it be very successful. But a grinder and a water bong did about as much justice as it could.

Would I suggest it on a regular basis, probably not. But hey I definitely know the struggle. It’s hard out here for a pimp.

They should just legalize it 🙄

Konfidence is Beauty **Mink lashes

Sooooooo yea..

The lashes, I’m sorry; MINK lashes, were not for me of course 🤦…

However, I was blown away by the customer service 💯. So why not spread the word. Just cause I didn’t use the product personally doesn’t mean I can’t give a review. People do it all the time on Yelp.

So anyways 

The owner Ji’hana was simply the best 💯. I know just about nothing about lashes minus the fact they grow on my face. I wanted the gift to be a surprise but I also didn’t want to be the boyfriend that doesn’t pay attention to his girlfriend enough to know what kind of lashes she likes. What I’m saying is I wasn’t the average or the easiest customer but she made me Konfident in my order and that my girlfriend was going to love her gift.

Even with the holiday jams at the post office it still made it’s way to me before Christmas and I was super excited for my girlfriend to open her gift. I don’t remember the exact amount of days between order, confirmation, shipping and arrival but the whole process wasn’t more than 3 weeks.

My girl loved her lashes and she was so excited she didn’t even wait till Christmas. 🤦.

I know I don’t really have much to “review” but I love the way the look and I know she likes them so that’s all that matters. But what I can say about these high quality MINK lashes is they don’t look like those gross big black caterpillars back home after a few wears 😂.

She tries to keep them in the original case when she isn’t wearing them since the case is cute and would keep them in good condition and she won’t have to always ask me where her lashes are. Key word here being “tries”.

Fellas I definitely suggest you get ya girl a pair of two, she’ll love them and you won’t regret it.

Ladies, you see the pics enough said but guess what she also sells all types of quality hair as well as doing individual MINK lash AND bundle installations. 

My girlfriend had this to say:

“I love the lashes they feel so nice, very full, they give me such a wonderful effect on my eyes and I most definitely will recommend them to my friends”

Ya girl Ji’hana is a beast make sure to go check out her website