A man with no boyhood.

Hello everyone, my name is Kristian Iman King but I prefer Kris, Iman or King. Welcome to my blog. This is where I will come to jot down all the experiences I go through while beginning to live my truth. A man without a boyhood.

So basically this will in some detail is about my life while going through my “transition” or “transformation” from female gender assigned at birth to the male gender I have always been.

It is 6 days shy of what guys like us would call my “manniversary” the anniversary of when I started my journey. Technically I told myself I was transgender November of 2014. But I’m saying Jan 20th 2015 because that is the date I started hormones replacement therapy(HRT).

While we are on the subject; the first year of my transformation I was on and off & then eventually permanently off of my testosterone hormones.

I have a phobia, if you will, of needles. Basically I just get anxious at the thought of a needle piercing my skin. So with that being said yes even though I was only biweekly .5, I dreaded shot day to the max. So yea, I missed a shot here and there. Being biweekly for my shot days I would miss a shot and then *blink* I’ve been off my “T”for a month. By March to mid April I was barely taking my hormones at all.

It stayed like that for a while, then somewhere around August or September I decided to take the initiative to switch to testosterone G gel. A clear gel that smelled like rubbing alcohol and if not rubbed in completely left a white crust. Never was a problem though, mostly built up on the top of the jar or in the creases of the measuring scoop. I was on one gram a day by the way. Applied to chest, abdomen, inner thigh, buttocks, neck or face; in rotation.

Needless to say I still could manage to stay on track. But it felt better knowing I only missed a day instead of a week span.

I wasn’t regularly going to my doctor either. Yes I know dropped the ball again. So not to my knowledge did my testosterone level reach that of another male my age. Not saying it did, not saying it didn’t. I honestly don’t know. Didn’t care then and probably will never. Ha Ha. Too much testosterone can lead to pattern male baldness. *Fun fact.

I had reached 6 – 8 weeks consistently on testosterone at one point. I did notice some immediate changes.

Total increase/darkening of body hair. Including new areas like my chest, back and waistline.

Peach fuzz at first, then leading to visible baby mustache, goatee & sideburn reaching the bottom of my ears.

My body shape began to masculinize. Lost my waist/hips and broaden/widen my sholders.

I was once in a blue moon workout kind of guy. But my “moobs” shrunk and took the appearance of a masculine chest.

My voice dropped a few octaves I suppose. Enough to get a constant “Sir”over the phone or when I spoke.

My facial structure lost it’s softness and my jaw squared off. My adams apple began to protrude and my neck in general got thicker.

My favorite part of it all; my downstairs growth. Winning. Trigger warning: I AM ABOUT TO DISCUSS MY GENITALS I DON’T MEAN TO MAKE ANYONE UNCOMFORTABLE & OR DYSPHORICA!!!

Taking testosterone cause changes in your genital area as well as ever other aspect of your body. So yes more masculizing. With out going into labels.. my penis (it may not function, look or have the same general usage as an average penis but,) yes my penis; grew a few centimeters and gained some girth. As well as my head becoming more defined & shaped like average penis. Made penetrative sex amaaaaaaaazing. If you have enough growth fellas I strongly urge you to try it. Tee hee.

I may have left some changes out here or there..just giving a broad run through while I was able to see my transformation on HRT.

Fast forwarding to mid October / early November. By this time I am at least 4 months off hormones. Confirmed by a doctors appointment sometime early december ; my T levels were at a female level for my age.

Even though I was no longer taking hormones not much reverted back. My voice rose back up but slowly, only now at the beginning of January is it almost at my pre testosterone tone.

As I shaved and the months rolled by I noticed my facial hair started to thin out and not grow back as fast or as much. Still and up to this day get my baby whiskers on my jaw line and the small patch on my chin.

Unfortunately my penis shrunk a cm or so, still not as much as I had originally gained. Still had girth and shaped.

Body shaped stayed the same & moobs seemed to stay where ever they had went. Praise Jah. Only just recently started wearing a binder again since September, mainly wear one now because it’s cold. Don’t won’t my headlights on if they are not in the right place. Ha.

Now currently mid January approaching my “Manniversay” I plan to make this years transformation with the help testosterone.

A plan… it’s a plan of course, not a promise. They way I live my life is kinda of relaxed, free & going with the current mood.

Might have some bass in my voice & a nice chin strap by my birthday (Virgo). If I can stick to the plan.

I may have left a lot of information out. Depending on if your reading this as a trans “in question”, someone dating a trans person, or just someone looking through the peep hole trying to understand.

Feel free to ask me any questions, tasteful of course, and I will try to give you the information you seek as long as you address & respect me as the man I am.

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Ok everyone, Jah bless

Iman King