New…. Gross.. hobby

As you can probably guess from the picture it definitely involves sum kind of bug. A beetle to be precise.

“So many of my critters eat the worms this just made more sense”

 Alot of my critters eat mealworms either as a regular diet, a snack or treat. The life cycle of most blackling bettles is only a few weeks; from egg to beetle. Most don’t last past 4-6 months due to competition in food, space and cannibalism, which can be helpful in keeping the numbers controllable yet steady.

Feeder insects like mealworms, super meal worms, horned worms, crickets etc are usually relatively cheap considering you are paying for bugs but also bugs that are foods for expensive exotic critters.

But you know what’s even cheaper? Not paying anything for them, unless you count a little extra time to separate the life cycles every few weeks payment.

There is a bunch of different DIY ways to make a successful mealworm farm.

Personally with mealworms you kind of can’t go wrong so do some research and find works best for you, your feeder insects and most importantly your critters. Gut loaded and healthy feeders led to healthy happy critters.

I prefer mealworm or Dubai roach farms a lot of pros and cons but for now my mind in made up. Horned worms would probably be plan B.


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