If “humans” ain’t shit 🤔 then what does that mean for me…

Hey readers today I am going to get a little deep and share some thoughts that I have more times then is probably healthy for someone.

If you’re not relatively new to who Iman is then you know that I’m not a big fan of the human species. Don’t really trust them and as a whole & I am pretty close to being darn right terrified. Several time I mention how ridiculous human beings are; never excluding myself. Even though I am aware humans are not the nicest mammals on the planet I cannot deny what I am. Just because I am aware I am an disgusting homosapien doesn’t make me any less of that. 

Never have I tried to deny it but I also never really expressed how much being a human and aware that I am in fact a human really bugs me. So if someone down talking your species bothers you now would be a good time to exit stage left.

Why could I have been a horse or a jaguar or something.

I know that self-hatred isn’t good for you, physically or mentally so I’m not going to say I hate myself just for being human. I realize it’s something that I can’t change. It’s easier to cope with life when you truly understand what humans are capable of. Or at least it is for me.

Sometimes I make the most selfish, arrogant and dumbest decision and I start to question myself and my judgement. Human ain’t shit. What’s worse about all this is I would hate if someone did the same thing to me but I’ll admit sometimes I don’t think about other people’s feelings. 

Have you ever seen those random viral videos about animals helping animals? My favorite one was the lioness who lost her cub and adopted an abandoned gazelle.

“Sure I’ve met dogs and cats that had shitty attitudes; some were just plain douchebags, but I’d rather deal with a bitch.”

I know I can be just as bad sometimes. I push people’s buttons on purpose, I say things I don’t mean, I can be selfish. Hey it’s part of being a human. Does it mean that I’m necessarily a bad person no, but it also doesn’t mean that people who do those things are necessarily good people either. We are all capable of very beautiful things and very terrible things. Just like all other animals on the planet. Some are good some are bad. In my opinion I think majority of people have less love and compassion then other animals in the food chain.

So I suppose; in closing, some(most) humans lack love and compassion. Without love, you ain’t shit. Therefore some(most) humans ain’t shit. I am in fact a human, so yes there could be a possibility I ain’t shit either.



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