Here’s the stitch, society has gotten to me…

More??? Yes. Much, much more.

So a few days ago I was hanging out with a very close friend. Long story short, she ended up having a few errands to run. And what better way to travel than *Lyft.

This was in my hometown of new orleans around 1800hrs after fall daylight savings time.. So fair enough to say it was already pretty dark when we left her house.

We leave out the door and begin to walk to the road because the house sits back from the sidewalk quite a ways away. She timed it so by the time we reached the street the driver would be pulling up. Instead of them arriving at our location & then us walking out her front door.

The walk from the door to the street isn’t the most well lit or with the clearest visability to see who is approaching.

I dont ride in uber or lyft that often but I am aware through small experiences that if you are not in sight when they arrive they will pull off. I can understand that, thats basically any paid ride. Snooze you lose.

But halfway through the front yard she tell me to take my hood off. (im wearing all black) She had a point and considering the time amerikkka is in it was very much valid. I took my hood down but the whole ride I couldnt let go of the feeling. The feeling that my life could possibly be in danger should I choose to go out at night in all black with a hoodie on.

I supposed it lingered because not even 2 weeks ago I had a similar experience with my mom. Again it was dark outside but actually not that late, maybe 6 or 7 o’clock.

We were entering her condominiums (which you cannot enter with out a physical key) and I had on my favorite blue jeans and dark grey jean vest. My jean vest has a removal black hood. Of course I have the hood on. Why not, I havent done anything wrong & I’m not hiding from anyone.

Halfway up the second flight of stairs leading into her apartment she says “boy you gone get in trouble with that hood on like that.” I immediately took it down. Even though beside all the circumstances that would keep someone who isn’t supposed to be on the property out. She had told me prior that there is at least 3 NOPD officers that stay in the building.

I remember when I was younger; playing outside or going somewhere after dark. The reason that was instilled in me not to wear dark colors at night was because cars would have a difficult time seeing me, should I happen to be playing in the street. Not because I would “fit a description of a ‘suspect'”. Simply for the obvious, dark colors are hard to see at night.

Then I think to the times my mother would tell me take my hood down. As far as I can remember it was only when I entered someones home or establishment. Still not because I “look like a ‘thug'” but for the same reason you remove your hat in the presence of a lady or walkin into someone’s house, church or business.

Then recently in a greyhound terminal I felt several eyes on me constantly. When I paid attention, I notice it was more than just a “feeling”.
I brushed it off and figured it was because I was dead leg walking from being cramped up on a bus for 10hrs.
After leaving out the restroom & finding me a seat to wait out the layover I notice a sign on the wall: “No hoods on inside the terminal.”

I removed my hood because I really wasn’t in the mood to be reprimanded like a child for not following simple (but dumb) rules. What caught my attention is when I later got up to go to the water fountain all of the stares were gone.

Has amerikkka really become that much of a pussy that a MOC wearing a black hoodie with the hood up in a public place is such dangerous thing??

What bothers me the most is not that the general public feels some type of way; but that should I come in contact with a police officer as a black man in a hoodie my life could be in danger. And if I was shot down by an officer of the law they would get paid suspension and I will just be another injustice & a another black man on a R.I.P. shirt.

Its actually been this way for quite some time now but only recently has it actually struck fear in my heart. Not because my life could be unjustly taken from me by someone who swore an oath to protect and serve but because my murderer would more than likely face no consequences.

I will still walk with pride no matter what I’m wearing; I’m just not gunhoe about dieing when I have committed no crimes.

But this is the amerikkka we live in…

Stay safe my people of color; fight, but dont lose your life.


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