Anonymous, anonymously.

Peace & love everyone and welcome back to your scheduled programming.

Trying something new today.
An anonymous young transman asked me what were the do’s & don’ts of courting, dating etc, a transwoman.
So this made me think; why not blog about this topic, because I dont see as much real life advice on transcouples from either spectrum as I would like.

Now before I even get started…
For those of you who don’t know me, I want to make it perfectly clear these are just my opinions and some lack first hand experience.
And in no way am I saying that dating a transwoman is different than dating a onegender woman, because in the end they are both women.
However being transgender (mtf or ftm) comes with trials that a onegender person might have a hard time fully understanding. Also not saying that is a pro or a con.

On a personal level I havent a had an sexual relationship with a transwoman so I cant speak on that aspect of the question from personal experience.
But as a transgender identifying individual I would suggest always asking when in doubt because you never know what a specific person finds triggering.

I have been intimate before. Like in personal space, touchy kinda way. Meaning I’ve cuddled, spooned and occasionally groped. Again, if you dont how (or even if) a person likes their gentials to be touched or referred to, just ask.
“The more you know!”

Every woman is different. Just show her the same love & affection you would want in return.

But for the stuff the I can only imagine to be general since I havent really “been around” and dont want to generalize all women from a handful of my experiences.

Again my opinions & views..

Just like anyone in transistion there are level to this ish. Some women are at different stages, some take different paths etc.
Hopefully you arent just planning on jumping into bed with this woman before you get to know her.(but if you’re in to that cool im not here to judge) Small conversations getting to know her is always helpful & most women disclose the specs earlier on.

Realize this fellaz, just like we go through our struggle; peach fuzz days, painful long binding days, days were you’re just not feeling your skin suit, these beautiful ladies go through things too. Just be mindful of that.

I thought about puttin a list up to kind of compare and contrast but i refuse to put a trigger warning on my blog.. Ugh.

Annnnnd try not to get triggered….GO!!

Guys like us sometimes have issues with growing a thick “passable” beards, blame genetics.
*Girls like us sometimes have issues with hair bumps & cannot close shave everyday

Guys like us sometimes still have a menstrual cycle, in can be embarrassing especially around a partner.
*Girls like us sometimes have morning erections time to time, it can be embarrassing especially around a partner.

Binding for too long can be painful for guys like us, sometimes performing certain upper body movements hurts
*Tucking for too long can be painful for girls like us, sometimes sitting a certain way hurts.

(short list)
([*] these statements are not quoted from any transwoman & are simply educated assumptions)

Like I said I personal cant give much detailed advice. But just treat her as you would want be treated.

Love is love.
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