Stuck in a BIND(er)??

Welcome, welcome peace & blessings everyone.

Today I’m going to review on 2 binder companies I’ve delt with in the past along with a few binding tips I picked up along the way

So this blog is mainly to give my brothers out here feedback. Even if your not a transman or have no need to purchase a binder, feel free to stay & look through the peephole.

My first binder was a half tank black binder from .

*(It was a while ago so my dates and time may be off. Theres a vlog review floating around youtube somewhere under an old alias)

When I ordered it offline everything was simple and easy to read. I recieved a conformation email & tracking number.

It arrived in a discrete package. Small enough to fit in an apartment community mailbox. A washing & handling info card and a reciet came inside the package with the binder.

Per usual, the first time is always “tight” . ha ha. I was working in landscaping at the time so the first 3 days I experienced some “cutting” in the pit area. Not enough to cause any real discomfort. It was tight enough to do its job correctly but not too tight to cause pain.

Since it was a half & not a full tank I did experience quite a bit of “rolling”. So I would suggest to go with a full tank unless you have like wash board abs or something.

Over all I was pleased with the company and its product. The only thing I would change would be the durability. An every day high-activity type wear on this binder after about 2 months it losts compression but still work ok.

I currently dont wear a binder as often as I used to.

My second binder was from, dont quote me but I think it was the men’s half tank black compression Tee.

It arrived swiftly and discreetly straight to my mailbox.

It seemed like it was almost impossible to get in it but when I finally got into it; it was the best binding I’ve experienced so far. It didnt cut and even being a half/mid tank binder it didn’t roll up as much as I was expecting it to.

A few months in (I got into a tussle) it tore under the left pit. It still binds great and the slight 1inch tear gives me some breathing room since I currently need to move up a size.

If I had to choose one I would pick gc2b. Just order a few at a time. gc2b is a trans operated company and compared to other brands they bind just as well.

Binding with duck tape, ace bandages etc is harmful to your health. Not to mention lessening your options for top surgery down the road. But we all do what we have to do to survive. My tip, just like any type of binding, allow yourself to have enough room and normal mobility. If its hard to breath try something different. Dont bind with anything that leaves bruises or causes pain in your ribs. Remove any binding that has adhesive in the shower. And try not to bind for more than 9-10hrs.

Binding in summer’s extreme heat can be aggravating and painful. Wearing a moisture wick T or a undershirt to pull sweat away from your body and help prevent chaffing.

Personal tip: jean vest are great alternative depending on your chest. Wear it on top of a tank top or tshirt. Or wear it shirtless!!!

Bind safely guys!!!!

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Thanks again for looking through the peephole. Until next time…

-Iman King


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